Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon Reportedly Enlisting In Two Days, Future of “Lets Eat 3” Unclear


Things are a bit hectic for “Let’s Eat 3” staff and Highlight Yoon Doojoon’s agency at the moment.

According to an insider, Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon has recently received his summon and must enlist in two days on the 24th of August. He has less than 2 days left from his enlistment date; he is reportedly spending his time saying his goodbyes.

The sudden enlistment announcement came to light today on the 22nd of August. This is a problem because of his currently airing drama “Let’s Eat 3.”

“Let’s Eat 3” was scheduled to be 16 episodes, last night the 12th episode aired and its said that the drama has not yet wrapped up filming for the final episodes. “Let’s Eat 3” said they would be looking into it and determine what to do next once they received a confirmation from Around Us Entertainment.

His agency, Around Us Entertainment, has initially said that they are looking into the matter and its unclear whether he would be enlisting on the 24th of August, nothing is confirmed as of yet.

If this sudden enlistment is true, this will represent a production problem for “Lets Eat 3” staff. As no one had his enlistment in mind, how they would end the drama will become the main focus since the main lead might have to drop out.

The termination of his contract with “Lets Eat 3” will be determined once an accurate statement has been released to the public.

The drama that will follow will be EXO’s D.O and Nam Ji Hyun’s comedy historical drama “100 Days My Prince” but its not clear whether the drama will air earlier than expected.

Fans have been taken back by the news, the enlistment announcement was truly shocking and out of the blue.

According to the new military law, idols will not be able to delay their enlistment if they had received their summon.

How do you feel about this?

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