GOT7’s Mark Father Tweet Worries Fans About His Future With GOT7

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Some iGOT7s are upset with Mark’s dad who is known as Papa Tuan for a tweet he posted to his account.

To all iGOT7s, Papa Tuan is known as one of the kindest dads ever. He is GOT7’s eldest member dad. Raymond Tuan (papa’s Tuan real name) usually interacts with iGOT7s cutely on social media.

However, today he posted a very weird worrisome tweet that caused panic among iGOT7s, he tweeted,

“In the past, when you reach your sophomore year in High School you start to choose a college to study at… Mark’s contract has 2 years left. Will he renew or choose to go independently? He must get ready to prepare…”

The tweet obviously caused a bit of babble between the fandom, some believe that Mark might not be renewing his contract in 2020 and that he might be leaving GOT7.

This idea is fueled now by Mark’s dad and his tweet which might indicate that Mark might be going on his own merry way once his contract with JYP Entertainment expires.

Fans were not aware that Mark’s contract ends in two years to be exact, so they were taken back by the tweet.

The cryptic tweet was viewed in two drastically different ways, some fans believe that Mark’s father is only worried about him while others are worried that Mark’s dad knows well that Mark might not be renewing his contract.

Some fans asked Papa Tuan to think before he speaks, a fan wrote in reply to his tweet,

“Posts like this is how you get bad articles written about your son and his group, articles that will question his loyalty or if he genuinely likes Got7, do you know how damaging an article like that could be, ESPECIALLY this close to a comeback?? Pls try to think before you post”

Another fan added,

“Not to disrespect papa tuan But this isn’t a platform to say all these specially when he comeback is near.”

“Dear papa, we must say contract is kind of private and sensitive issue. it may be better to talk privately with mark instead of saying publicly 🙂 we are afraid some people will make a fuss out of it and mark will be hurt…”

While others took to Papa Tuan’s defense and said,

“Or you could stop berating a parent for saying what he wants about his kids. Let the netizens say that they want… one tweet isn’t going to change that.”

“Maybe, but it isn’t right to judge him for what he does with his account either, or for worrying about Mark’s future.”

What do you think of Mark’s dad tweet? do you think he should have posted it or not?

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