Gdragon Hospitalized Again For His Ankle Injury, Ministry Of National Defense Responds


Fans were a bit worried again after a news outlet called Sports World reported that Gdragon had been hospitalized again.

According to the report, the idol was hospitalized for 15 days from July 12 to July 27 in a medical center in Pochen, he was released last week. He was hospitalized for a treatment of his right ankle.

An official rep from the Ministry of National Defense said,

“Its true that Gdragon had been hospitalized. He left on the 27th after 15 days of hospitalization.”

Gdragon had trouble with his right ankle before he enlisted; he enlisted not too long ago when it was revealed that he was hospitalized for surgery back in May.

So far, G-Dragon has spent 11 days at a military hospital in Yangju and 15 days at the military medical center in Pocheon. He has also used 25 days for sick leave. A total of 51 days were used because of his unfortunate ankle surgery, out of the 110 days he spent in the military so far.

International VIPs sent their wishes for the idol’s treatment, they were shocked that he was hospitalized again and feared for his health.

Meanwhile, there are some netizens who are saying that he is taking too many leaves to treat an ankle injury he sustained back in 2013. While others defended the idol for taking time to leave.

Personally, I believe an ankle injury is not a light matter and should be treated accordingly. I hope that everyone knows that well!

What do you think of this?

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