Fans Fear That E’Dawn Is No Longer Part Of His Group After Seeing These Signs


The fallout of E’Dawn’s dating news isn’t dying down just yet, and some loyal fans fear that he is no longer a part of his group.

“UNIBIRTHDAY” is Pentagon’s first official fan club meeting to celebrate the group fans, it was held today and fans tweets and recap from the event made international fans worry.

The first generation inauguration event of the group was met with backlash because some so-called fans weren’t happy that E’Dawn would be attending. Which prompted some ‘fans’ to ask if Cube Entertainment would be offering a refund to those who don’t want to attend the event anymore.

Those ‘fans’ felt betrayed by the dating news as if E’Dawn had deceived them for the past two years. Because of the backlash, Cube Entertainment announced that E’Dawn won’t be attending because of ‘internal affairs’ and added that YanAn won’t attend because of ‘scheduling issues.’

The fan meeting went smoothly but fans noticed that E’Dawn wasn’t present in the VCR clips, but that wasn’t the case with YanAn. Fans pointed out that his voice was present in every VCR and that selfies and message clips from him were also shown at the event.

This meant Cube Entertainment was obviously editing out E’Dawn for his dating scandal.

Fans now fear that this isn’t just a temporary thing to calm down ‘crazy fans’ but a permanent thing. Some even started a petition to keep him in Pentagon while other expressed their displease with how Cube Entertainment handled the situation.

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