Kim Young Kwang is winning a lot of new fans because of his consideration towards beloved actress Park Bo Young.

The two actors are currently busy promoting for their upcoming movie “Your Wedding.” This is their second collaboration but the first time they played lovers, its easy to notice that Kim Young Kwang is head over heels for Park Bo Young, I mean who wouldn’t be?

Recently and on August 7, a press conference was held to promote the upcoming movie, the two showed up together to take photos together. Kim Young Kwang did something that was so sweet that made Park Bo Young laugh.

When he stood with her he bent his knees to match her height. Park Bo Young is 158 cm (5’2) while Kim Young Kwang is 187cm (6’2″), what Kim Young Kwang did is known in the world of kdrama as ‘manner legs.’

Fans loved the gesture and called him a gentleman. The on-screen couple has been gaining attention for their great chemistry off the screen and for their adorable height difference.

Kim Young Kwang said he was extremely happy to get the chance to do ‘manner legs’ for her while Park Bo Young complimented him and said that he takes good care of her.

“Your Wedding” will premiere on August 22.

What do you think of what Kim Young Kwang did? Do you ship them together?


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