Famous Lyricist Kim Eana has a message she’d like to share with fans about the late idol Jonghyun.

On August 16, Kim Eana shared a sweet message to fans, she wrote,

“It feels like whenever I mention his name it becomes an uneasy topic. So today, Jonghyun is the main topic and I talked about him all I wanted.”

She shared a photo of a radio script that had Jonghyun’s name on it.

Her stance and honesty were applauded by fans. Jonghyun’s name is rarely mentioned these days, it brings up memories that some might not want to talk about.

His sudden death late last year took us all by surprise; however, such a musical genius deserves to be remembered. Idols and musicians shouldn’t feel so reluctant in mentioning his name.

Fans left great messages on her instagram post thanking her for keeping the memory of him alive.

Kim Eana is a popular lyricist who had previously worked with many stars such as IU, VIXX, MAMAMOO, TVXQ, Baekhyun, K.Will and many others.

She worked with SHINee on a song called “If you love her” of their repackaged album ‘1 and 1.’

Her songs usually do very well on music charts with many of them hitting number one on various Korean music charts.


  1. Jonghyun can never be forgotten. He is my first and last favourites idol, singer, lyricist,producer and DJ. I love you and miss you. Let’s remember him with all his happy memories


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