EXO-Ls Extremely Upset At Soribada Awards For Discriminating Against EXO

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2018’s Soribada Best K-Music Awards aired last night and its safe to say that a lot of fandoms weren’t pleased with the winners of the awards; EXO-Ls are one of the many fandoms who have issues with this year’s music award.

One of the popular twitter users that is dedicated to guiding EXO-Ls to vote for their group expressed their frustration with the results saying,

“We hope that Soribada can give us an explanation as to why #EXO were not awarded a Bonsang despite meeting the criteria (good digitals + #1 in voting)

And we hope that the lack of attendance didn’t cancel the effort & time we put into voting & streaming.”

Apparently, and according to various screenshots and fans accounts, EXO were leading the voting polls fans expected that they would be walking home with a Bongsang award at least.

EXO-Ls have been working hard so hard that they won EXO the first place in online voting, EXO was also first in streaming according to various fans.

Koreans and international EXO-Ls were anything but pleased when EXO wasn’t among the winners of a Bonsang award. So much so that Koreans trended many hashtags calling out ‘Soribada Best K-Music Awards’ for their discrimination against the boys.

One of the hashtags read #소리바다_공정성_공론화 (Soribada _Fairness_PublicOpinion) which was trended to ask an explanation for not giving the Bonsang Award to EXO while they were leading on both Digital and online voting categories.

EXO did take home 2018 Global Fandom Award, EXO thanked their fans in a video since they couldn’t attend the awards ceremony. Fans were wondering whether attendance played a role in picking winners as well.

Many fans are upset knowing they wasted so much of their time and money trying their best to vote for EXO so they could boost their chance of winning even though EXO were obviously the most streamed artist on Soribada charts as the below photo shows.

Here are some of the fans tweets,

What do you guys think of this? Do you think EXO-Ls have a point?

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