EXO Lay Talks About Waist Pain So Serious Kai Had Surgery And He Had To Be Hospitalized For 2 Months


A hardworking group like EXO is no stranger to injuries caused by dancing, overworking and stage accidents.

EXO’s Lay opened up about the pains of being a Kpop idol in an interview with a Chinese media outlet recently.

Although Lay hasn’t been in a comeback with his group for a while, it didn’t mean that he didn’t suffer from the downfalls of being an idol.

He opened up about his and Kai’s waist injury, he said,

“I wished that we hadn’t injured our waists. I am not kidding, at the time things were so serious. Back then Kai and I both hurt our waist. I wasn’t even able to move back then because of the severe injury.”

Lay shocked fans by talking about the waist injury of him and Kai, fans know well that Kai had injured his ankle so badly that he had to use a wheelchair back in 2016 but they didn’t know about his waist injury.

Lay added,

“My mother had received surgery for her lumbar spondylosis once, she told me that its not a good idea to go under surgery. She told me not to do it. That’s why back then, I laid in bed for approximately 2 months. Kai had received the surgery but I didn’t. My mother didn’t let me take the surgery.”

Lay had suffered from the waist injury back in 2015; he even had a fan meeting and had to delay it to receive treatment.

We hope that both Lay and Kai are now doing better.

We’re excited about EXO’s upcoming comeback, we hope that Lay can join EXO this time.

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