E’Dawn And YanAn Will Be Taking An Indefinite Hiatus From Pentagon


I have some very surprising upsetting news to share with all Pentagon’s fans.

Cube Entertainment has officially revealed that E’Dawn and YanAn are taking an indefinite hiatus from the group’s activity and that Pentagon will continue to perform as 8 members until further notice.

An official statement to their twitter account they said,

“This is an announcement on the future activities of PENTAGON members E’Dawn and YanAn.

The member E’Dawn is temporarily halting activities. YanAn is halting activities due to health reasons, he will prioritize his health and focus on treatment before participating in his group’s upcoming activities.

We express our apologies to the many fans who have showed love for Pentagon, Pentagon will continue promoting as 8 members without E’Dawn and YanAn.”

The news clearly upset fans who believe that E’Dawn has been pushed away from his group for dating fellow label-mate HyunA.

There have been many speculations of whether E’Dawn will continue promoting in Pentagon mainly because many believed that he would be kicked out for his dating scandal.

International fans are extremely upset; they’re taken back by YanAn sudden hiatus and are now worried about his health.

Signs that YanAn wasn’t doing well appeared when he was also cut out from promotional activities of his group along with E’Dawn. Cube Entertainment had revealed that YanAn won’t be attending due the first Pentagon fan club event due to ‘scheduling reasons.’

YanAn and E’Dawn were also cut out from Pentagon’s currently ongoing Japanese promotions, back then Cube Entertainment confirmed that E’Dawn won’t participate because of internal affairs and YanAn won’t participate because of scheduling conflicts.

What do you think of this?

2 thoughts on “ E’Dawn And YanAn Will Be Taking An Indefinite Hiatus From Pentagon”

  1. Honestly this is stupid. Edawn shouldn’t be kicked away like this just because he has feelings. And poor Yan An. I hope he gets better soon. Does anyone know what happened to him?


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