DIA Reveal That They Haven’t Made Any Money Yet From Promoting As Idols

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Kpop fans are feeling very sorry for this girl group that is yet to receive their first paycheck from their company.

DIA is a part of MBK Entertainment; they debuted back in September 2015. They are yet to gain the popularity and attention many fans feel they deserve.

The group had recently opened up about their earnings and their wishes of getting their first paycheck in an interview with Ilgan Sports, they are now promoting their comeback album “Summer Ade.”

DIA members revealed that they haven’t made any money from their 3 years of promotions. They stated,

“We still depend on our parents because DIA hasn’t got any earnings yet.

Currently, we’re having fun marching towards success rather than focusing on money. We keep going because we receive lots of love and support from our fans while we sing and dance on stage. We didn’t make any money but we sure love performing on stage.”

The girls sweetly revealed what they wanted to do with their first paychecks saying,

“We want to buy presents for our parents. People around our age work part-time jobs and the first thing they do with their first paycheck is buying presents for their parents, we’re envious of that.”

Member Ki Hee Hyun added that she is still receiving an allowance from her parents and that she wants to stop depending on them. She is the leader of her group.

Member Eunice is eldest of her group she was born in 1991 which made fans feel sorrier towards her, she is 27 years old with no income still.

The group had also only recently received their first EVER Music Show win on SBS MTV “The Show.” The girls couldn’t control their tears as they thanked fans for their first Music Show trophy.

Kpop fans wish the best for the 8 member group, I certainly hope that they gain more fame and are noticed by fans for their hard work.

What do you think of what the girls said? Are you shocked that they haven’t made money still?

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