Despite Their Tiresome Schedules, BTS Promotes For Their Korean Fans By Appearing On Music Shows


On August 31st episode of KBS2’s “Music Bank,” BTS were one of the lineup set to perform at the music show.

Fans, both Korean and international, had conflicting feelings about BTS choosing to perform this weekend at Korean music shows.

Fans were worried about BTS because of their extremely tight schedule that is so packed the group doesn’t have time to rest enough.

KBS2’s “Music Bank” has a place where idols can come in and pose for photos by fans and media, fans cheered on BTS as they walked up to the photos spot but they noticed that the members looked happy but a bit tired.

This comes to no surprise since they have such a packed schedule. The members looked like they needed rest and were tired.

They performed more than one track on the music show and were up against Red Velvet’s “Power Up” for first place, BTS ended up winning with 9,567 points. KBS2’s “Music Bank” win became their first for “IDOL.”

The show features performances by many groups and solos such as (G)I-DLE, IN2IT, MXM, NCT Dream, SF9, Stray Kids and many others.

Hope that BTS are taking good care of themselves, thank you for your hard work and congratulations!



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