Chae Soo Bin And Kim Ji Soo Join Lee Je Hoon Upcoming Drama

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The upcoming SBS Monday-Tuesday drama has finalized its main cast; Chae Soo Bin and Kim Ji Soo join Lee Je Hoon and Lee Dong Gun in “Yeowoo Gaksibyeol.”

“Yeowoo Gaksibyeol” tells the love story of a man and a woman Lee Soo Yeon and Han Yeo Reum, it will focus on people’s lives in the airport, they both work in passengers service.

Lee Je Hoon is playing the role of Lee Soo Yeon. Lee Soo Yeon has graduated from a top university and has perfect scores in his English test; he was accepted to work at Incheon Airport. He tends to keep a personal distance from others and is shrouded with mystery, he wants to adapt to his new lifestyle in just six months.

Chae Soo Bin is taking on the role of Han Yeo Reum who began working at the airport to pursue her dream job. She watches airplanes take off and land every day but has never been in one herself. She works at the airport and earns the title of ‘Human Bomb’ because she attracts accidents everywhere she goes. She gets assigned to the passenger service agent which is dubbed the hardest role in the airport.

Lee Dong Gun is taking on the role of the charismatic and friendly Seo In Woo who is the airport’s operations manager. He is witty and has the ability to manage situations well.

Kim Ji Soo is taking on the role of Yang Seo Gun, she is the airport’s passenger service manager. She is a workaholic but nice to passengers and faces danger head-on, she will play an important role in Han Yeo Reum and Lee Soo Yeon’s working lives.

The drama will air its first episode after “30 but 17” wrap up in September.

How do you feel about the casting?

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My Thoughts

I am just happy to see Lee Je Hoon back in a drama; he’s joined by talented actors so I am pleased, I am a bit worried about the pairing since he’s 10 years older than Chae Soo Bin. I have to wait and see how it works out.

The plot is interesting, I just wish that it lives up to my expectations, I have high ones!

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