BTS Makes A Bold Choice, Will Not Be Doing Any Interviews During Their Upcoming Concert In LA


BTS will soon be traveling to Los Angeles to kick-start their tour leg outside of their country. They have three concerts lined up, on September 5, 6, 8 and 9. All these concerts are sold out; they’re expected to entertain a lot of their beloved fans living in America.

Since many fans knew well that BTS promotes their album whenever they are in America there has been a discussion going on, fans expressing their thoughts and sharing which shows they’d like to see the boys back on.

They did appear on daytime shows and late-night TV shows, they also do various press.

However, it seems that this time BTS won’t be doing any of that during their stay in LA. An entertainment reporter of ABC7 called George Pennacchio told fans that the boys have turned down all offers to do interviews during their stay in LA.

He tweeted,

“Okay, #BTSARMY, I hate to break this news but I learned today that BTS has now decided to turn down ALL interview requests while they’re in LA. I’m told the guys want to focus on their shows ‘and are doing absolutely nothing else’. I’ll still cover the concert for you.”

As expected the tweet went viral, the interviewer was kind enough to answer some fans questions as they poured in. He told fans that it was sad but he would be attended the concert and hopes to interview them then.

He added,

“I reported what an official spokesperson told me.”

He also said that he wished they would change their minds. Fans, contrary to the expected, were actually pleased to learn that the boys won’t be exhausting themselves. There has been a discussion between the fandom regarding the hectic schedule BTS has for the rest of this year.

Fans would love to see the boys promote on American TV but they also want them to rest and take time off and not feel pressured to do anything. Fans understand that BTS does the best they can within their power.

Big Hit Entertainment has not issued a comment on the matter, so for now, we have reporter George Pennacchio statement to rely on. It will be interesting to see whether BTS will do anything in LA beside preparing for their concerts.

Regardless, I believe that it’s a big bold decision from Big Hit Entertainment side. It’s a bold move considering how much it would benefit BTS if they had chosen to be interviewed by various American news outlets.

This would help them become more known and help with albums sales and generating new fans as well.

I am slowly becoming the biggest fan of Big Hit Entertainment because of the way they manage BTS. Other agencies would have forced their idols to do as much press as humanly possible not knowing how much it affects the members.

What do you think of this?


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