BTS continue to break records held by popular international artists and set other records for kpop acts to follow.

BTS has set another record; the group has held the “Social 50” chart for 57 consecutive weeks. This is such a huge accomplishment because it makes them the artist with the most consecutive weeks on “Social 50.”

The group has broken the record previously held by international popular singer Justin Bieber, he had previously held the record for the most consecutive weeks on “Social 50,” he spent 56 consecutive weeks on the chart.

In overall records for most Number ones on “Social 50” the record is still held by Justin Bieber who spent a total of 163 weeks at No. 1, BTS comes in second place behind Justin Bieber.

But for a group/Kpop group/Korean act, BTS holds the highest record with the most consecutive weeks on “Social 50.”

Congratulations to BTS!

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