BTS are THE history, fans are extremely happy after it has been revealed that BTS will be performing in a USA stadium.

In case you’re not from the USA or not aware of how big of a deal this is, let me explain to you why this is a huge deal.

Not many American artists can fill up big stadiums which mean that international artists won’t have better luck. The American market is a dream market for all international artists and many dream of filling up stadiums one day.

BTS became the talk of the town again after adding a final date to their North American tour. The final stop will be on October 6 at 7PM EST at the Citi Field in New York.

For those who don’t know, the Citi Field stadium is a popular stadium that can fit up to 40,000 people. They will become the first Kpop act to ever perform in a stadium in the USA.

According to Forbes, it’s well-known that the venue doesn’t hold concerts often since not many artists can fill up the seats to make the investment worth it.

To compare it to something that hits closer to home, The Jamsil Stadium (a popular stadium in Seoul) fits up to 69,000 people, that stadium is considered huge, not just any Kpop artist/group can fill it.
Citi Field Stadium
Jamsil Stadium

Some of the groups that were able to perform there were H.O.T, JYJ and EXO. Michael Jackson, Metallica and Lady Gaga are some of the notable international artist that performed there.

The news made fans extremely happy, this is a huge milestone for Kpop as a whole and BTS specifically. BTS has come a far way since their debut days.

The fight for the tickets will begin on August 17 at 4PM EST. Good luck to all the American fans who be battling for a ticket.


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