BTS and Nicki Minaj had the sweetest small interaction on twitter last night.

BTS seems to be loving Nicki Minaj’s new album titled “Queen.” BTS posted to their official twitter account a link to her album tracks, they wrote,

“love nicki’s new album.”

Nicki Minaj noticed the recommendation and thanked the boys, she said,

“Love you guys. Thank you”

With the help of BTS, Nicki Minaj and her album actually ended up entering Melon’s top 10 real-time search ranking, the power of BTS was big enough to get the general Korean public interested in checking out Nicki’s new album.

Fans loved the interaction and started guessing who the possible member who could have recommended this was.

The boys are currently preparing to return with their repackage album “Love Yourself: Answer.”

Would you like to see BTS and Nicki Minaj collaborate? Who do you think posted that tweet?



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