BTS And BLACKPINK Are The First Kpop Groups To Receive YouTube Diamond Creator Trophies

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Another day, another milestone achieved by BTS and BLACKPINK.

YouTube is known for handing out trophies to creators as they pass certain subscriber count.

A creator receives the Silver Play Button if they reach the 100,000 subscribers. A Gold Play Button is received after the creator reaches 1 million subscribers while the Diamond Play Button is given to creators after they surpass the 10 million subscribers.

BTS’s channel BANGTANTV had reached the 10 million subscribers; they reportedly became the first Kpop boy group to be awarded that trophy. BANGTANTV has 10,427,701 subscribers as of this article’s publish date and time.

BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel has 10,754,545 subscribers as of this article publish date and time. They’re considered the second most subscribed Kpop act YouTube channel after PSY who has more than 12 million subscribers.

BLACKPINK is reportedly the Kpop group channel with the most subscribers surpassing BTS; this is not taking into account agency YouTube channels.

PSY had already received his Diamond Play Button last year.

BTS had already shared photos of the Diamond Play Button to their twitter fans, two photos of the button as well as two photos of RM and Jin boasting the diamond button they had received, they told fans,

“Everyone! We have received a diamond button because BANGTANTV surpassed 10 million subscribers. Thank you so much.”

BTS and BLACKPINK have had a good 2018; they both broke various records with their most recent releases. BTS’s “Fake Love” became one of the most viewed music videos in the first 24 hours, the 4th most viewed in the first 24 hours of YouTube history to be exact.

While BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” became the most viewed music video on YouTube in the first 24 hours in 2018, its also the second most viewed music video in the first 24 hours of its release in all of YouTube history.

BLACKPINK are supposed to receive their diamond play button but they haven’t shared photos of it so far, so fans are assuming that they’re to receive it or show it to fans.

BTS are currently preparing for their comeback with a repackage album that will be released on August 24.

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