BTOB’s Yook Sungjae Has The Best Savage Response To His Dating Rumors With DIA’s Jueun

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You can leave it to BTOB’s Yook Sungjae to have the best response to false dating rumors.

Earlier today, fans were shocked when a report claimed that BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and DIA’s Jueun have been dating since this January.

The report was shut down shortly after it circulated through the web, both idols agency denied the report while DIA’s Jueun even revealed that the two aren’t close friends as the report had claimed.

Today, BTOB held a V live session; they sat down to talk to fans while eating. The Vlive session was held a couple of hours after the dating rumors spread so the boys had a sweet response to the dating rumors involving Yook Sungjae.

The boys talked about many subjects and one of them was that BTOB had reached #3 on real-time search engines, the leader Eunkwang pointed that out.

BTOB ranking in search engines obviously went up because of Yook Sungjae, he left a savage comment saying,

“Wow! BTOB is really dominating the real-time search engines today.”

The members of course knew what he was referring to and burst into laughter, he then said sarcastically,

“It must be because of our V Live!”

What he did then made fans laugh, he drank of his plastic cup all the way up, and under the cup was a savage slang that is “Muk-Keum” which basically means that you shouldn’t feed in the worthless rumors. The slang is popularly used by teens.

Fans clapped for Yook Sungjae’s savage response, they are sure that he had planned this scene carefully with his fellow members who were aware that the rumors were wrong and had this to say.

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