BLINKS Are Convinced Dua Lipa And BLACKPINK Are Collaborating Because Of This

Rumor has it there is another legendary collaboration between the east and west happening very very soon.

BLINKS are so convinced that British Singer Dua Lipa is collaborating with BLACKPINK soon because of a tweet she wrote recently on twitter.

On August 25, Dua Lipa discussed her upcoming comeback with fans after several fans asked about what she plans on doing and when will she be releasing a new song.

One of the tweets she replied to read,

“girl wait whAt tf do you have up your sleeve.”

To which she replied,

“A few songs you guys already know and want. One you don’t know about but i’m excited to share with you. A couple collabs. I got you bb x”

The tweet contained two hearts and one in black and another in pink, also there were 5 emjoies of girls (Angels) which also fueled fans speculations. Some believe that she is referring to BLACKPINK.

Dua Lipa had previously met up with BLACKPINK Jennie and Lisa a couple of months ago when she was on a tour and had stopped by Seoul. They even shared the cute photo together back then.

Fans started reacting to Dua Lipa’s tweet some expressing their excitement at the possible collaboration that might happen.


“Please collab with blackpink,dua and it would be #MPN #BLACKPINK #BLINK @ygofficialblink  BLACKPINK × DUA LIPA.”

“BLACKPINK X DUA LIPA PLEASEEE? I know that you know them. #MPN #BLACKPINK  #BLINK @ygofficialblink.”

What do you think of her tweet? Do you believe they will be collaborating?


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