American-Korean MV director Joseph Kahn made headlines in Korea and overseas with his remarks towards BTS, Kpop idols and Korea’s obsession with beauty, makeup and plastic surgery.

August 14 episode of the popular entertainment night show SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment” covered Joseph Kahn’s remarks towards BTS. He had been under fire for saying that BTS wears makeup and had plastic surgery.

He also recently commented on the matter after it blew up and said that he has nothing to apologize for; he said that it was ‘a joke.’

SBS has reached out to BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, for a comment. Their reply had fans clapping back, they said,

“We have nothing to officially say about this. We’re focusing on our comeback!”

Fans loved the simple dismissive response directed towards Joseph Kahn. BTS is currently gearing up for their repackage album “Love Yourself: Answer.”

The album will drop on August 24.

What did you think of Big Hit Entertainment response?

Check out the coverage story by SBS:

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