Bang Yong Guk Opens Up About His Departure From His Group B.A.P And His Agency


It has been three days since TS Entertainment announced that the leader of B.A.P Bang Yong Guk won’t be renewing his contract with his agency, thus he officially departed from his group B.A.P.

To his official instagram account, he shared a handwritten letter. Here is the translation:

“A letter written at the dawn when the moon was especially beautiful.

First, I’d like to bow my head in apology for having delivered such regretful news to man BABYs who have loved and care for B.A.P until now. I am accepting all of your feelings with heavy responsibility.

That’s how important and precious B.A.P members are to me, please understand my meaning.

It’s difficult to put in words just how much strength B.A.P members and BABYs have given me from debut until now.

Looking back, I think that I was someone very small and lacking in many ways, and I feel that I owe a huge debt to the B.A.P members and the fans who made me a small person grow and become an admirable artist.

I will engrave the gratitude I have for you deep in my heart and never forget it. Thank you for giving me far more love, support and encouragement than I deserved.

Please continue to look after B.A.P members whom I care about more than anything else in the world, in the future.

And wherever I am, I will always continue to push forward and make music as the former leader of B.A.P. Please keep an eye on me.

As always, I love and respect you.

Sincerely, Bang Yong Guk.”

The members of B.A.P will continue as a five-member group following their former leader’s departure.

Fans wish Bang Yong Guk the best in the future. We will continue to support him and keep him in our heart!


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My Thoughts

Bang Yong Guk is one of my favorite rappers of South Korea; he has such a sexy deep voice and spits fire when he raps.

Judging by the majority reaction, I came to believe that he might have made the right decision. I still remember their lawsuit against their label, they were one of the rising groups that could have become so big but never did.

B.A.P will always be six and I believe their friendship will last, I previously talked about my respect for them as a group when they alerted their fans ahead of the contract’s expiration date.

In their concert held on July 21, they talked about it openly with their fans. I think it was a very nice thing to say and it shows that they cared a lot about their fans.

I would also appreciate it if my fav group Block B gave me heads up before they disbanded, so I respect idols when they let us know in advance.

I wish him the best and hope that he finds a good agency to take him in, Big Hit would be great~


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