Army Unsure How To Feel About BTS’s Upcoming Music Shows Promotional Plan


BTS are coming back in less than two days and fans are too excited about hearing BTS again so soon.

But Big Hit Entertainment revealed in a statement that the group will be promoting for a week on music shows.

This is both happy and sad news for international fans. The group is super busy this year and has their entire schedule already planned out for the rest of 2018. This means that the group might not be resting much once their tour begins.

Their highly anticipated tour will begin on August 25 in Seoul; they will be holding two concerts on August 25 and 26 at Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Their world tour will soon follow, they’ll be busy entertaining fans at sold out shows everywhere around the world.

Promoting on Korean music shows is exhausting since the boys will be spending the majority of their time at that station where the music show is held, of course, they won’t be able to rest well then.

Some fans were upset by the decision and said,

“I prefer that they rest, they already have many exhausting things like to add the musical programs.”

“That is extremely super tight schedule they have this coming months.”

“My boys really don’t know how to take rest!!! Hope all of them will remain healthy and energetic for the upcoming hectic schedule.”

“I just hope they rest and if they don’t rest well I hope they are safe and happy.”

It doesn’t mean that international fans don’t appreciate the upcoming promotions but they’re worried about their boys not resting well.

However, the counter-argument is just as convincing. Promoting on Korean shows also means a lot to Korean fans and can boost the group’s sales. Besides, its best that BTS don’t completely ditch promoting in Korea and promote solely overseas, this might have a negative impact on them on the long run.

This move from Big Hit Entertainment is well calculated to keep both domestic and international fans happy; they must cater to both groups and not forget about either.

BTS is Korean and that is where they started. We just hope that the boys will take good care of themselves and rest when they can.

We hope that they’re not overworking themselves.

What do you think about this fellow army?

BTS is set to return with their repackaged album “Love Yourself: Answer” on August 24 at 6 p.m. KST.


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