After Sudden Health Scare And Activities Halted, Kim Yoo Jung Finally Shares Update With Fans


Beloved young actress Kim Yoo Jung has finally shared an update with her fans after taking a break from the entertainment industry due to her thyroid surgery.

Back in early 2018 and ahead of her upcoming drama “Clean with Passion for Now” filming the actress fell ill and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, she received surgery and her drama filming was halted until she recovered.

Due to that, her leading man Ahn Hyo Seop had to step out of the leading role and instead it went to actor Yoon Gyun Sang, sources from the drama announced that they would resume filming in August, and August is finally here.

It was revealed that the actress’s health improved a lot back then. The filming is supposed to start soon, Kim Yoo Jung went to instagram to share an update with fans about her health, she was holding a large flower bouquet and was smiling brightly, she said,

“Thank you. I am now feeling even better and smiling more these days. I’ll soon be able to see you all at a closer distance. Thank you to all who waited for me.”

“Clean with Passion for Now” is supposed to air in November.

I am glad to see that Kim Yoo Jung is feeling better these days, can’t wait to see her upcoming drama, fighting!


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