Yuri Says TWICE Reminds Her A Lot Of Girls Generation Because Of Their Similarities

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Sunbae Yuri of Girls Generation shared her thoughts about hoobae group on a recent episode of JTBC “Kim Jae Dong’s Talk To You 2.”

July 24th episode of the variety show boasted high caliber guests TWICE’s Nayeon and Jihyo, Girls Generation Yuri was present as one of the program’s MCs.

Nayeon and Jihyo were scared because of the show’s format, they sat down in front of 800 people, they said they were afraid they’d make a mistake in front of the live audience.

MC Kim Jae Dong asked TWICE’s Nayeon and Jihyo if they’ve ever met Yuri before, Jihyo replied,

“Yes, indeed we have seen her several times at various end-year events.”

Girls Generation Yuri touched on the subject of leadership and how girl group members should treat each other, Nayeon and Jihyo talked about their debut days and their struggles to find balance and happiness in their profession.

Girls Generation Yuri also talked about how much the girls of TWICE reminded her of her own group, she said,

“The number of our group members has changed, but aren’t we similar to TWICE? So they do feel familiar and like younger sister (dongsaengs) to me. I think it would help if you speak like you’re talking to family and friends.”

Check out the video link of this part down below:

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What do you think of what Yuri said? Do you agree with her?

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