YG Entertainment Respond To Dispatch Report Detailing Information About Choi Ji Woo’s Husband


Choi Ji Woo’s husband has been involved in a report released by dispatch that details more information about him, information that the public didn’t know of.

The actress shocked her fans when she revealed that she was getting married to a non-celebrity, she tied the knot back in March to what we knew to be a businessman, and no more information about his identity was released.

YG Entertainment and the actress chose to protect the husband since he’s not a celebrity, out of respect for the husband as he’s not a celebrity and it can negatively affect him.

The report released by Dispatch stated that he was born in 1984 and had changed his name after he met her which was around 3 years ago; he runs a lifestyle mobile application.

YG Entertainment released an official explanation on the report, they stated,

“As reported, Choi Ji Woo’s husband is the representative of an application company based on the O2O ‘online to offline’ platform; he is nine years younger than her.

We did not disclose the identity of the husband because we thought that it could be a burden to each other as it creates prejudice in his business among other things.

They are enjoying a happy life as newlyweds while devoting themselves to family and work. Please once again understand Choi Ji Woo’s intentions towards her husband and family, we request of you to refrain from further speculations.”

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