YG Entertainment Fans Doing The Best They Can To Prevent Dispatch From Spreading False Rumors By Doing This

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YG Entertainment fans and Korean celebrity news outlet Dispatch don’t have a good relationship and its easy to see why.

Dispatch has posted a couple of articles particularly invading YG Entertainment artists’ privacy and put the spotlight on them.

A couple of weeks ago, Dispatch spread false information arguing that Gdragon was receiving preferential treatment while taking a break from the military due to ankle surgery.

YG Entertainment as well as Military Manpower Administration stood by Gdragon’s side and denied those claims; Military Manpower Administration defended Gdragon and explained in details what exactly happened and why he was in a private regular room, unlike other soldiers.

However, Dispatch didn’t stop there, last week they published another article, this time it was about Winner’s Mino, Mino followed an account that was suspected to be pedophilic in nature.

Fans defended the idol and explained that he was one of the many YG people who followed the account since the account in question worked with YG Entertainment before.

Yesterday, Dispatch published yet another article, this time aimed at YG Entertainment actress Choi Ji Woo. The actress suddenly announced her marriage to the world to a non-celebrity a while ago.

The actress stressed that she wouldn’t reveal his face or much about him out of respect for him, she didn’t want to cause issues since he’s an average person and a non-celebrity.

Dispatch talked about the hidden identity of the actress’s husband, YG entertainment ended up issuing a statement to clarify the situation.

All the reports Dispatch published seem to take aim at YG Entertainment and their artists directly. Fans, national and international took note of that and decided to create a petition to the blue house government to demand the shutdown of Dispatch.

The petition was started back on the 26th of June, demanding that Dispatch shut down because of mistreatment to all Kpop idols, the petition asks Dispatch to respect celebrities’ private lives, in the petition description, its stated that their privacy must be protected as the citizens of South Korea.

The petition needs to be signed 200,000 times within a month for the blue house government to respond to it. So far, more than 166,000 people signed the petition.


VIPS, Inner Circle and many other fandoms of all nationalities have signed the petition to get the attention of the government. There are more than 14 days left for the deadline, fans believe that they can reach the 200K signatures before the deadline.

The petition became so popular that it ranked one of the most signed petitions on the government’s website.

Have you signed the petition? What do you think of this?

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