Yang Se Jong Is A Peculiar Character For First Stills Of His Upcoming Drama “30 But 17”


First stills of upcoming SBS Monday-Tuesday drama for lead actor Yang Se Jong have been released and they look peculiar, to say the least.

He is taking on the role of Gong Wo Jin who went through a trauma at the age of 17 and decided to cut himself from the world ever since. The stills show the actor getting into his character, he is weird and doesn’t fit the lead male narrative we’re so used to in the majority of Korean dramas.

He has a weird beard and long hair, he looks like he hasn’t taken a shower forever, he also looks alone but is happy with the way he looks and seems to not care about how everyone views him.

“I’m 30 But 17” tells the story of a woman named Woo Seo Ri (Shin Hye Sun), who has been in a coma for 13 years, she has the mindset of a 17-year-old girl but is in the body of a 30-year-old woman.

“I’m 30 But 17” will air its first episode on July 23rd after “Wok of Love” wraps up.


You can watch the drama when it airs by clicking here.

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