Winner’s Mino Attacked For Following A Suspicious Account On Instagram


Dispatch is at again with those malicious false articles targeting yet another YG Entertainment artist, this time the target is Winner’s Mino.

Apparently, someone dig into Winner’s Mino Instagram account and saw that he was following a controversial figure, a photographer called Miller Rodriguez. The photographer Instagram account is called prettypuke.

The photographer’s account has been accused of pedophilia and pornography, the official site is actually banned by the Korean government for it’s explicit potentially harmful content.

Fans reacted differently after the article was published to Dispatch’s site. Some hated on the rapper for following such a controversial photographer while some others defended him and wondered whether he was hacked.

Fans noted that the rapper had followed the photographer a long time ago and that he rarely even touches his Instagram following. Fans also assured others that there wasn’t an instant where Mino even liked a photo of the photographer account in question.

It has been revealed that Miller Rodriguez worked with YG Entertainment artists in the past and many other YG Entertainment employees followed the photographer’s account.

Fans know well that Mino is such a shy well-mannered idol who loves kids. It makes no sense why he’d be interested in such an explicit account.

After the article went public, a lot of fans attacked Dispatch for trying to damage Mino’s reputation. It caused a lot of buzz so much so that his name trended worldwide on Twitter.

Dispatch is known for publishing articles about YG Entertainment artists without merit. They had previously claimed that Gdragon received preferential treatment by the military while recovering from surgery.

Their claims were denied by YG Entertainment and the ministry itself. However, YG Entertainment hasn’t commented on this issue with Mino yet.

Following the article, Mino unfollowed all of the Instagram accounts he’s been following.  Fans also noticed that his followers count actually went up instead of going down.

How do you feel about this?

My Thoughts

Where is YG at? Why isn’t anyone suing them for defamation and spreading false information?

It feels like Dispatch is starting a fire and watching the building burn, I am not a YG stan by any means but I am so mad right now, imagine how YG stans and Winner fans must feel!

This is too much, why is YG keeping silent? Why is Dispatch so keen on destroying YG’s artists? why do they always attack them for the stupidest lamest things EVER?

Dispatch is a popular site, their articles influence people and people can be so mean and triggered by the slightest misinformation. An idol’s life can literally be ruined, that article was too much, too much and too careless!

I can’t write any nice or moderate words right now because I am so pissed! I just hope that they get sued for that article, that’s something that actually deserves to be followed, not mere fans who write negative comments online, Dispatch has the power and the audience to completely wreck an idol’s life.

The only reason why Mino is still standing tall is that he’s with YG, if this sadly happened to another idol, I doubt they’d ever be able to get back on their feet!


  1. I don’t know why people are stupid? Miller Rodriguez was known publishing pedophile pictures and he used to worked for YG? This is not going well for YG. He had a producer guilty of cocaine abuse, amphetamine user, marijuana smokers (marijuana is okay but still illegal in Korea) and pedophile and you’ll upset with dispatch for revealing all these shits because you all don’t want to know. You want to be blind on all the stupid shits. Oh! The Jennie and kai, I could careless if she spread her legs with Kai, she’s old enough, she can do that.


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