Why The New Military Enlistment Service Discharge Period Is Great News To Kdrama And Kpop Fans

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Great news coming your way! The Ministry of National Defense has announced its plans to reduce the length of mandatory military service for all soldiers starting with those whose discharge is planned for October 1st.

The reduction is planned for 3 months of every military branch, the reduction will take place over the next three years, and starting with those who will serve as of June 15 2020, everyone will be discharged only 18 months after serving.

For now, The Army and Maine Corps’ service length will be reduced from 21 to 18 months and the Navy’s service length will be reduced from 23 to 20 months. Social workers’ service length will be reduced from 24 months to 21 months, and industrial function workers’ service length will be reduced from 26 months to 23 months.

The Air force will only be reduced by two months because they had been reduced a month back in 2004, it will be shortened from 24 to 22 months.

Soldiers who have been serving as of January 3rd 2017 will receive the benefit of reductions as starters. Also, all those active in the duty will also receive service reduction.

The reduction period will be calculated in a specific format, those who should have been discharged on October 2 will be discharged a day earlier.

The decision of reduction came to be to help the youth to further advance the nation’s economy since the large service period might burden the soldiers.

This is great news to all of us kdrama and Kpop fans who are waiting for their oppas to return from the military. This means that a lot of the actors and idols currently serving in the military will be discharged earlier than we had expected, which is good news because we get to see them sooner.

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