One of the most popular Kpop groups of 2018 is possibly getting a contract extension, Sports Seoul revealed in an article.

Its reported that the labels of the members had met together on July 23rd to discuss the possibility of extending their contracts until the end of January 2019.

Wanna One is supposed to disband on December 31st of 2018.

This happened to be the first time CJ E&M officially proposed contract extension for the boys, but whats the purpose behind it? its so they can attend various end-year ceremonies together, some of those will be held in January 2019, they could also hold their final concert then as well.

The labels are reportedly not all in favor of the contract extension as some of them already had plans set out. So far, the labels are divided into three options, 1. The labels agree on extending the contracts with the 11 members, 2. Continue with the members of Wanna One whose labels accepted the extending of contracts, or 3. End the contract if less than 11 members labels choose to extend.

Nothing is set in stone yet because the boys are currently touring and the labels differ on how the extension should be handled.

They will be meeting three times more to discuss and conclude their decision.

Some fans of the group were happy because Wanna One will last one more month and can attend more shows together, while others hated it because they just wanted the members to go back to their original groups and start promoting with them again, a fan said that ‘Minhyun needs to go back to Nu’est and Sungwoon needs to go back to Hotshot.’

Other spectators (not fans to be exact) were displeased with the news, an online user said,

“they are a temporary group even if they extend they will still have to disband just let them go some have a family they need to return to.”

Another user pointed out that it was unfair since I.O.I never got that contract extended so why should Wanna One be treated any different.

While another said,

“They really should stop extending/prolonging this group… It beats the original purpose of the entire show.”

How do you feel about this? Do you agree or disagree?


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