TWICE Malaysian fans were shocked yesterday after JYP Entertainment announced the cancellation of TWICE’s concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The tour was scheduled to be on July 28, JYP Entertainment confirmed that the tour leg in Malaysia was canceled due to safety issues, they added,

“We ask of your understanding as this decision was made taking into consideration the safety of the artists and fans as the top priority.”

Since safety issues have been an increasing problem for idols, fans understood that JYP Entertainment made this decision after much consideration. Malaysian fans surprised TWICE fans of all over the world by how maturely they handled the situation.

Despite Malaysian fans classy response to the cancellation, this didn’t mean that TWICE members felt any less guilty about their awaiting fans at the airport.

Sana and Dahyun were spotted shedding tears as they waved goodbye to the fans who still showed up to say goodbye despite the concert that wasn’t held.

Fans at the airport started shouting ‘don’t cry, its okay’ in Korean so that TWICE members would stop crying, Dahyun couldn’t dry her tears which broke Malaysian fans hearts.

Fans from all over the world reacted with sadness; the pure hearts of TWICE members is so amazing.

We hope that Malaysian fans will get to see TWICE soon!


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