This Popular Korean Actor Made Over 21 Million Dollars From Ads Despite 8 Year Acting Hiatus


One of the hottest most famous Korean actors has to be Won Bin, the actor had established himself back in the early and middle 2000s, for more than 8 years, the actor hasn’t been in any project.

Despite his absence from the movie and drama scene, he has been active in various CFs since then, his earnings are estimated to be more than 20 million for the past 8 years. This is considered pretty impressive for an actor who hasn’t been in any projects for so long.

July 4th episode of TV Chosun’s news show “Shin Tong Bang Tong” talked in more details about the actor’s earnings.

He had been in more than 40 CFs since 2010, he gets paid around 600 -700 million KRW (537,000-627,000 USD) per ad, if you take the average payment per ad it will be around 600 million KRW per CF, the actor earnings mount up to 24 billion KRW (21.5 million USD).

His brand as an endorsement model is still going strong through all these years. His last project was a movie that aired back in 2010 titled “The Man From Nowhere.”

For an unknown reason, the actor continues to promote as an endorsement model with no plans to come back with a new project any time soon.


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