The Real Reasons Why Suzy And Lee Dong Wook Ended Their Relationship So Soon


The world of Kdrama woke up today to some very shocking news, one of the newest hottest celebrity couples had confirmed their breakup.

Lee Dong Wook and Suzy were one of the hottest new celebrity couples of 2018, they had acknowledged their relationship back in March 2018, 4 months later, the couples called their relationship off.

But many fans were left wondering, what was the real reason behind their breakup? and why did such a lovely couple break things off too soon?

So today I thought it would be good to go through some of the reasons why I think the couple broke it off, of course these are only my prediction and I am not claiming any of them to be the truth.

Too Soon?

The best prediction I could come up with was that everything came together way too soon.

To explain it in more details, we must go back to the day everything started March 9, when news outlet TV Report issued a report stating that the couple have developed from colleagues to lovers recently.

In response both their agencies stepped up and explained the situation, Lee Dong Wook’s agency revealed that the couple met at a private, casual gathering. They added that they only recently got to know each other with ‘good intentions.’

They also explained that their relationship is just beginning and that they only found out about it after TV Report released that scope. This is why Lee Dong Wook’s agency said that they can’t comment much more because they’ve only recently learned about the couple.

JYP Entertainment also explained in a statement that,

“They are currently in the process of getting to know each other.”

This means that Lee Dong Wook and Suzy were in what we call in kdramas ‘some-relationship,’ which probably means that they were caught off-guard and sort of forced to confirm their relationship when they had only just began.

Usually, Korean celebrities dating reports come out approximately 3 or 4 months later from the actual date couples begin their relationship. This means that the couple if they lasted till then, is probably not fooling around.

Suzy’s previous relationship with Lee Min Ho was confirmed a month after they had begun dating and they lasted for almost 3 years. This is not a 100% guarantee to break off a relationship, but it felt like Suzy and Lee Dong Wook were sort of only getting to figure out if they had feelings for each other or not.

Large Age Gap

If you thought Suzy and Lee Min Ho had a large age gap think again. Because Suzy’s age gap with her ex- Lee Dong Wook is even bigger.

She was born back in 1994 while Lee Dong Wook was born back in 1981; he is currently 36 years old while she is only 24 years old.

This means that they’re both from completely different generations. And not all couples can get over that large generation gap and meet in the middle.

Each generation ideals, thoughts and way-of-thinking differ greatly, they were both born in different times and this might have been a hurdle to their relationship and ended it.

Busy Schedules

This is the oldest excuse in the book, but also something that can severely affect any relationship, whether you were a celebrity couple or just a regular couple like the rest of us.

In South Korea, famous stars usually get little sleep, if you’re preparing for a drama its even worse.

On average, drama filming, for the most part, lasts from 12-16 hours, so if an actor/actress is leading a drama at best they’d be getting 3 hours of sleep, deducting transportation time and time it gets to put on makeup and such.

Lee Dong Wook has been preparing for his first project following the success of “Goblin” for a while now. He is coming back with a medical drama called “Life.”

When his agency confirmed they broke up, they explained that they drifted apart due to their busy schedules. Lee Dong Wook is said to be putting so much effort into his role, this might have affected their relationship.

When you’re getting little sleep and focusing on your comeback project, maintaining a relationship with someone can become very difficult. Since relationship requires both parties to empty time for each other, it seems like they weren’t able to pull it off.

It was also recently confirmed that Suzy is also returning to the small screen with “Vagabond” alongside Lee Seung Gi, she is also currently preparing for her drama. Their tight schedules could’ve easily affected their blossoming relationship.

Despite it being such an overused excuse it has merit if you consider it, especially when they’re too very popular actors preparing for their comeback projects.

Public Pressure

National and international fans weren’t so thrilled when Lee Dong Wook and Suzy announced they were dating.

Some fans sided with Lee Min Ho, according to them; Suzy started dating too soon after her breakup with Lee Min Ho. They dated for almost 3 years, their breakup couldn’t have been easy.

Lee Min Ho broke up with her while he was serving the military which might add salt to injury when he found a couple of months later that she was dating a fellow actor.

So-called-fans started calling Suzy names, and some other weren’t so thrilled with Lee Dong Wook’s choice either. Because he is 36 years old and many assume that if he’d date a woman now he might also think of the possibility of settling down with her, Suzy is only 24 years old and still at the height of her career, a marriage might not be what on her mind right now.

In short, fans of both actors weren’t happy. What makes it worse is that these ‘fans’ were actually happy when the couple announced their split.

The harsh online comments could’ve added pressure to the couple who was just starting their relationship. It might have taken a toll on them and have been one of the reasons why they split.

Other Problems

There is no way any of us can truly predict the real reason why the two broken up. It could be one of those reasons said above, or a couple of them or none of them.

With couples there is no way to predict the outcome, it could be that one of them wanted to take the relationship to the next level while the other simply wanted it to remain the same.

It could be that they slowly found out that they weren’t a match for each other.

The possibilities are endless.

Regardless, I am still a bit upset about the news. I wish no celebrity couple to split because I know that I’ll never have a chance with them, I only want them to be happy.

I also feel more sorry towards Suzy who’s receiving so much hate for dating two men publicly, when I am almost sure that she never intended for either relationships to go public.

I understand why Korean celebrities date in secret especially when they’re at the height of their careers because of these fans hating on them if they dated more than once.

What do you think of the news? Do you agree with my suggested reasons?


  1. I don’t get it how Suzy is considered as ” most beautiful of the country” or most beautiful actress in the business. I mean, she definitely a cute girl but from a perspective of a westerner, I thing Song Hye kyo is the most gorgeous among to all the Korean actresses… It is my opinion of course.

    • But in my opinion …. she is more beautiful than Song Hye Kyo.

      This might be from different in ages (between 2 actresses) and generation (between you and me).

      SHK is pretty … 12 years ago. She is grogeous now as a middle-aged actress.


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