The Real Reason Why Jang Geun Suk Admitted He Had Bipolar Disorder Finally Revealed


Actor Jang Geun Suk shocked the world when he revealed that he had bipolar disorder in an official statement released by his agency a couple of days ago.

The actor addressed his upcoming military enlistment date, he confirmed he’d be enlisting on July 16 and explained he had bipolar disorder as well.

On July 10th episode of “One Night of Entertainment” the real reason why the actor chose to open up about such a private matter was revealed.

The actor’s label responded to the question and explained,

“He personally didn’t want to disgrace himself and didn’t want to make it obvious. However, fans became curious about his military enlistment; he thought it would be best to set the record straight out of courtesy.”

There are less than 6 days left until the actor’s enlistment. Fans have sent their support following the sudden reveal. He is a brave man and a genuine human being who cares about his fans. We support you oppa! We will wait for you!



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