The First Half Of 2018 Was Dominated By YG Artists, Here Is The Proof


YG Entertainment fans will get to brag even more about their biases following this report released by OSEN, a Korean site that analyzed Korean streaming site Melon until July 5 to determine which artists dominated 2018-so far, out of the 181 days, YG artist ranked No.1 for 89 days (47% of the time).

First up was iKON’s “Love Scenario”, one of the biggest 2018 hits. It took the 1st place on the digital charts for 43 days (January 25 to March 8), 6 months have passed since the track was released, it continues to rank high on different music charts.

BIGBANG also ranked high despite the group’s military service hiatus; they were No. 1 on the charts for 19 days (March 13 to March 31) with their track “Flower Road” which was released on March 13, around the time Taeyang and Daesung both enlisted in the military. A final gift for fans while BIGBANG members serve their country.

The track achieved a certified all-kill and placed high on the charts for a while.

Followed by Winner, the group came back with a bop track “Everyday” of their new album with the same title. They placed No. 1 for 6 days (April 4 to April 9).

Not only their title track did well, but also their side B-tracks, they also ranked high in various Korean music charts.

BLACKPINK followed their steed and released their first mini album “SQUARE UP” on June 15, the title track “DDU-DU DDU-DU” held the top spot since June 15 and continues to do so, it has spent 23 days on the charts so far.

With YG artist dominating the first half of 2018, experts and fans alike are excited for whats to come. Seungri is the next YG artist to make comeback, he is expected to release his first full-length album this month.

Congratulations to YG fam!


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