Suzy And Lee Dong Wook Confirm Their Breakup


Another power couple that parted ways too soon!

Suzy and Lee Dong Wook are officially over, sources confirm.

On July 2nd, OSEN published an exclusive report stating that the actors have parted ways after 4 months of dating. The couple have only confirmed their relationship back in March 2018, and talked about how they were only getting to know each other.

According to OSEN, the couple was very busy preparing for their upcoming dramas. Lee Dong Wook is gearing up for his return to the small screen following the great reception of “Goblin” with “Life” which will air its first episode in late July, while Suzy is currently preparing for her upcoming drama “Vagabond” alongside Lee Seung Gi.

Following that report, JYP Entertainment and King Kong by Starship both confirmed that the actors indeed parted ways, citing their hectic schedules as the reason for their breakup, the agencies statements explained that their busy schedules made it very difficult for them to meet up.

The actors are said to be cheering on each other’s upcoming projects.

What do you think of the news? Were you shocked by it?

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My Thoughts

With all honesty, I feel sorry for Suzy right now because of the amount of hate she’s getting from everyone.

Give the woman a break, she can date whoever she wants and its none of our business.

If I were to give my opinion (on the scope itself), I think it was wrong that they even announced their relationship back in March, I think they should’ve denied it. Back then I felt that they were in a ‘some’ relationship (a term kdrama fans know too well).

The confirmation of their relationship came too soon as they were forced to sort of admit they were dating when they were just getting to know each other back then, both agencies even stressed that when they confirmed the actors were dating.

A lot of kdrama fans are happy about this because they’re siding with Lee Min Ho when they don’t even know the whole story or what caused their infamous breakup.

I wonder why isn’t anyone up Lee Dong Wook’s throat for dating a young artist. Everyone so focused on blaming and laughing at Suzy when she really did nothing wrong….

Just like everybody else she has the right to meet whoever she wants and that’s not up for you or me to decide! #Justsayin’

I wish them both the best and hope they find the right partner soon.


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