First stills of upcoming Monday-Tuesday SBS drama “30 But 17” has been released and it features its main female lead Shin Hye Sun.

The drama is a romantic comedy about Seo Woo Ri (Shin Hye Sun) who falls into a coma at 17 and wakes up when she’s 30 years old and Gong Woo (Yang Se Jong), an artist who lives alone shutting himself from the world following an incident that happened in the past.

The stills show Shin Hye Sun who is at the hospital in the body of a 30-year-old who still feels like a 17-year-old. In one photo she’s in a wheelchair, she looks lively and young.

The drama has garnered attention for being directed by director Jo Soo Won, who previously directed “I Hear Your Voice,” it’s written by Jo Sung Hee, who wrote “She Was Pretty.”

The upcoming drama will air its first episode on July 23rd after “Wok of Love” wraps up.

You can watch the drama when it airs by clicking here.


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