If you want heartfelt advice from an amazing sunbae look no further, BIGBANG’s Seungri is here to help.

On July 22nd, Seungri appeared on SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling,” he ran into BLACKPINK and gave them some pretty sweet realistic pieces of advice.

BLACKPINK members saw Seungri sitting down to eat a meal at YG’s cafeteria, they sat down next to him to share the meal, Seungri said,

“Are you happy guys? you seem to be very happy around each other, you’re about 1.5 year into your debut, right? Those are the good times. Suddenly, I miss my brothers [referring to BIGBANG]”

He also offered the members practical advices on how to handle scandals, he said,

“If you wake up one morning and you have many text messages on your phone, it means that a scandal has happened. When that happens, don’t read the text right away, drink a glass of water before you start.”

He also added that breathing in and out is also important at a time of crisis, he also made the members laugh when he said that the more messages you read the drier your throat gets, so he recommended to drink a lot of water.

He also touched on the subject of love, he said,

“Sometimes, you might feel like talking to a boy and that’s okay. In order to sing about love you need to have been in love. Just don’t get caught. I was caught fr everything, so don’t be me.”

BLACKPINK couldn’t stop laughing while Seungri shared these sweet heartfelt advices to his hoobaes.

Seungri has a lot of experience, its nice to see that he doesn’t mind sharing it with the juniors and helping them learn from his mistakes. We just hope that Yang Hyun Suk won’t catch note of that last advice he gave about love, we all know that Papa YG can be very protective!


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