Public Channels Dramas Continue To Struggle With Disappointing Ratings“Come-And-Hug-Me”-your-house-helper-and-the-undateables.jpg

Amid the huge success of cable channel tvN “Whats Wrong with Secretary Kim,” public channels dramas which are free-to-air continue to struggle with the ratings.

MBC drama “Come and Hug Me” was the winner, it rated 3.7% and 4.7% for July 11 episodes, and 4.3% and 5.8% for Jul 12 episodes.

It’s the only drama that was able to crack the 5% mark, which is still considered disappointing for public channels dramas that audience doesn’t pay to see.

KBS 2TV new drama “Your House Helper” scored 3.6% and 4.3% for July 11 episodes, while it scored 3.2% and 3.9% for July 12 episodes. “Your House Helper” took over “Suits” which enjoyed great ratings throughout its runtime, however, “Your House Helper” failed to capture the audience and take advantage of that time slot.

Last place went to SBS’s “The Undateables,” the drama scored 2.8% and 2.9% for July 11 episode and scored 2.8% and 3.1% for July 12 episode.

Meanwhile, “Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim,” tvN cable drama is enjoying great popularity and approaching the double-digit ratings. tvN is a paid service but still managed to attract an audience to watch the interesting romantic comedy.

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