The upcoming tvN drama starring Seo In Guk and Jung So Min is expanding its cast.

It tells the story of an advertisement designer Yoo Jin Kang (to be played by Jung So Min); she lost her parents at a young age but loves and cares deeply for her older brother and Kim Moo Young (to be played by Seo In Guk) who sees love as a game her life changes drastically after she meets him.

Park Sung Woong will be playing the role of Yoo Jin Gook; he is the older brother of Yoo Jin Kang and a homicide detective with 27 years of experience. He is a character who made a grave single mistake when he was younger, he adores his little sister and doesn’t trust Kim Moo Young, he is following Kim Moo Young for reasons yet to be revealed.

Seo Eun Soo is taking on the role of Baek Seung Ah; she is the daughter of a chaebol family of a conglomerate in the distribution industry.

VIXX’s Hongbin also joined the cast, further details of the character he’ll play will be revealed later.

The drama will be directed by Yoo Jae Won, whose previous works include “King of High School” and “Oh My Ghostess.” The script will be written by screenwriter Song Hye Jin, who has written “My Sweet City” and films like “My Mother the Mermaid” and “My Wife Got Married.”

“100 Million Stars Falling from the Sky” is planning to air during the second half of 2018 as a follow up to “familiar Wife.”

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My Thoughts

I love ahjussi Park Sung Woong, he is an amazing actor. I was holding my breath hoping that there won’t be a love triangle between him, Seo In Guk and Jung So Min. Thank God.

Seo Eun Soo is a talented actress; I am excited to see whats to come. The plot is very interesting. I love that In Guk oppa is taking on the role of someone who seems psycho. I missed him so much, can’t wait to see him back!

However, VIXX’s Hongbin is a bad actor. He is an amazing idol singer and performer but he is bad when it comes to acting. I have seen him act in “Moorim School” and it was so difficult to watch him, his performance was so cringe-worthy.

The main cast is a stellar cast, VIXX’s Hongbin is not up to par with the rest. I hope he proves me wrong and shows me that he’s improved since the last time I’ve seen him.