Park Seo Joon has just denied he’s been dating Park Min Young for three years, fans have mixed reactions to the statement released by his agency.

The actor’s agency, Awesome ENT released a statement that reads,

“Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon are only colleagues. The dating reports are not true. It seems interesting because of their chemistry in the drama.”

So far, only Park Seo Joon’s agency replied to the reports, while Park Min Young’s agency didn’t release a statement. Fans are eager to know what her agency will reply with.

The news first broke a couple of hours ago, when a netizen posted photos of Sports DongA newspaper for July 27/28, the netizen then shared a couple of more photos to prove that the newspaper wasn’t photoshopped.

After the news spread like wildfire, fans have started digging at their Instagram accounts and have found so many similarities that are too good to be just coincidences.

Do you believe the agency statement? Are you sad that they’re not actually dating?

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