Park Hyung Sik Visits Han Ji Min On The Set Of Her Upcoming Drama “Wife that I Know”

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Park Hyung Sik is the best hoobae there is!

The actor has recently surprised his previous co-star Han Ji Min on the set of her upcoming drama “Wife that I Know.”

They had previously shared the screen in the short beautiful film “Two Lights: Relumino,” the online short film was well received. They played a two visually impaired people who end up falling in love with each other.

The actor has previously received a coffee truck from her; he paid her back with another coffee truck and also visited her on the set of her upcoming drama.

Han Ji Min shared a post with a couple of photos and a video; they reenacted a scene from their previous film in front of the coffee truck.

“Wife that I Know” is set to air its first episode on August 1st at 09:30 p.m. after “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” wraps up.


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