Lee Seo Won Pleads Guilty To Charges Of Sexual Harassment And Threatening With A Weapon


Actor Lee Seo Won attended his first trial at the Seoul Eastern District Court where he pleads guilty to charges of sexual harassment and criminal threatening that were made against him.

He was embroiled in controversy when he was charged with sexually harassing a female celebrity and threatening her with a weapon at a club when she rejected his advances.

Ahead of his first trial, he addressed the press and said that he’d like to apologize to the public for his scandal.

Lee Seo Won’s attorney stated during the trial the following,

“Since there was DNA evidence in this case and since the incident indeed took place, there is no room for excuses or denial, we acknowledge all the defendant’s guilt. However, the defendant is unable to remember a thing from that incident. The victim herself stated, ‘Lee Seo Won was not in control of his body at the time due to intoxication.’ I do not understand how he was able to harass her and make threats in such a state.”

The attorney also confirmed that the actor is pleading guilty to all the charges but requesting leniency in light of his mental and physical state at the time of the incident.

The lawyer added,

“What we’ll be opposing is the severity of his punishment.”

How do you feel about this?

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My Thoughts

WOW, just WOW!

The lawyer said that? Really?

Inciting the fact that he was drunk so he shouldn’t be punished that hard makes my blood boils. Its like the lawyer is admitting to charges because they have to, and don’t tell me he remembers ABSOLUTELY anything, that’s just absurd.

Do people who are drunk and commit crimes to get leniency because they were drunk?

And you know what annoys me the most? The fans that are defending him… just think about it for a second! How you have to be to so confidently threaten a woman with a weapon and try to ask for sex when you’re 22 years old?

How spoiled you must be to argue that you were intoxicated so you should be given less severe punishment?!

I swear to God if  Lee Seo Won was a middle-aged man, everyone and I mean everyone would be outraged he even asked for less severe punishment.

But its cool, since he’s hot and young and you know 22-year-olds usually make mistakes and threaten with a weapon and try to make a sexual advance on women all the time, you know we should give him a chance!! Ya, we should!

One more thing that’s getting on my nerves, the fact that he’s apologizing to the public! Lee Seo Won!!! You should be apologizing to the woman you hurt not us, but then again, I guess since that woman is not the one who controls his career but the public, we must take it easy on the child…..

I am losing faith in humanity!


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