Kang Dong Won Gave This Savage Response When Asked About The Backlash Of His Dating Rumors With Han Hyo Joo


Actor Kang Dong Won might have just won the best clap-back award for his response to dating rumors with actress Han Hyo Joo.

The two have been wrapped in dating rumors a while ago after being spotted out and about in America. They had filmed 2018’s “Golden Slumber” together and have reunited for the upcoming movie “Illang.”

Both actors denied the dating rumors but some fans were still not happy with the given answer. Kang Dong Won was asked about what he thought of this during a roundtable interview for his upcoming movie “Illang.”

When the subject of his chemistry with Han Hyo Joo came up, he said,

“In the previous production, I only filmed 2-3 scenes with Han Hyo Joo. I was asked about how it was working with her but the truth is that we didn’t film many scenes together. But for this project we worked together very often.”

He was asked about whether their relationship became awkward after the dating rumors spread, he said,

“We just went ‘oh, there it was a scandal,’ and that was it. We didn’t become awkward; we weren’t really fazed by that.”

Kang Dong Won always has the same response whenever he’s wrapped up in dating rumors, he always says ‘I’m sorry,’ and ‘if there is a girlfriend, its is not true and even if there isn’t a girlfriend, it is not true.’

He was asked about his response that he usually gives whenever he’s involved in a dating scandal, he commented,

“I feel that the way I responded is the best response I can possibly give from my perspective.”

“Illang” will premiere on July 25.

My Thoughts

Mannnnnnn~ I just love Kang Dong Won and I love how low-key savage he is, also I love how classy he is.

This response is bold as fuck, but he’s been around for a while and despite his long career, he’s rarely been linked to a particular girlfriend. He has the right to hide his girlfriend from the public if he wishes to.

I am a private person myself, and I never want to reveal my relationship to just about everyone, they don’t need to know. I can only imagine how Kang Dong Won feels.

He is a celebrity and everything he does is closely monitored, I support the ‘even if I have a girlfriend I ain’t sayin shit’ statement. Even if they’re dating, I don’t really care, I wish them both the best.

Leave the man alone!


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