The savageness of the former 2NE1 leader and rapper continues to make headlines.

CL has recently made headlines for confronting Yang Hyun Suk; the CEO of YG Entertainment; she asked him to check his messages and reply to her.

Fans believe that CL’s recent instagram post is another jab at the CEO, she posted the photo to her Instagram story, it’s the photo of a cat but there is a catch.

There are three lines written in white hidden around the cat’s white and black fur, detective fans magnified the photo and managed to translate them and they believe that she is dissing him publicly on Instagram.

The cat is wearing a cap that says ‘boss,’ CL has previously called Yang Hyun Suk ‘boss’ when asking him to check his messages on his recent instagram post.

The lines potentially read,

“You’re being ridiculous/ how funny,” “Do it/go ahead” and “Do whatever you please.”

Fans and spectators alike think that CL is taking aim at the CEO and using the cat as a representation of him.

At this stage, a lot of fans are asking CL to leave the agency because she deserves better than the treatment YG is giving her.

Do you believe these messages are directed towards Yang Hyun Suk? or do you believe that CL is just fooling around?


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