Is B.A.P Disbanding Soon? Members Cry Talking About What Could Be Their Last Concert Together

B.A.P fans are panicking right now and for a very good reason!

B.A.P held their “B.A.P 2018 Live Limited in Seoul” concert on July 22, the group surprisingly shed tears when talking about their contracts and the potential group future activities.

The 37 C° heat didn’t stop the boys from giving their best for their fans. It was their first Korean concert in approximately 9 months since last October. The group gave amazing performances for many of their tracks throughout the years.

Towards the concert end, however, fans grew worried after what the members said while shedding tears.

Youngjae said,

“Today is the end of our tour. Thank you very much for attending, we were able to end it well because you were all here with us.”

Youngjae then stopped and started shedding tears he couldn’t continue, Himchan took the microphone and cautiously added,

“Actually, the six of us have different contracts which end at different dates. This is where we are right now. In a sense, this might be our last concert together. I wasn’t sure if I should say this day, and I was thinking of not saying it. We still have time left on our contracts, so there is a chance you might be able to see us again on stage together, but I think this is our last concert at six.”

When fans heard Himchan, some began to shed tears; Daehyun took the mic and added,

“Nothing has been decided yet, but for now, this is our last scheduled concert. But we’re always ready to greet you all. So please don’t be sad. If you cry..” Daehyun was unable to finish his sentence.

Jongup added,

“This concert was filled with our story, from our debut until now. This has been a time for me to look back on myself, and it was a concert that made me think a lot. It will remain a good memory for me. Six boys ran together with all their might, but it was you who made us special. I want to tell you that I am always grateful to you all. Please continue to make us feel even more special in the future.”

Daehyun added,

“After such an event, we always have time to look back on ourselves. I think I’ve only just begun, and if you all stay with us, that beginning will even be more special. Seven years have passed, and we made so many memories, but we’re too young and still have a lot to show you to stop here and do nothing but look back at memories.”

The leader Bang Yongguk asked fans not to cry.

The members revealed they were still discussing the contract renewal, TS Entertainment stepped up to clarify that there is still time left and the contract renewal is still going on, the final decision will be revealed in the upcoming months.

What do you think of what B.A.P said? Do you think they’ll disband?

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