“I’m 30 But 17” has teased fans with two character teasers of its lead actors Shin Hye Sun and Yang Se Jong.

“I’m 30 But 17” tells the story of a woman named Woo Seo Ri (Shin Hye Sun), who has been in a coma for 13 years, she has the mindset of a 17-year-old girl but is in the body of a 30 year old woman.

While Yang Se Jong will play the role of Gong Woo Jin, a stage designer who suffered from a traumatic experience when he was 17, he shut himself from the world ever since.

The first teasers share a glimpse of the two characters. Shin Hye Sun is wearing a hospital gown and walking around the street holding a guitar case, while Yang Se Jong is sporting a huge beard holding his puppy strolling the streets. The two pass each other and a bell rings which catch them off guard.

“I’m 30 But 17” will air its first episode on July 23rd after “Wok of Love” wraps up. You can watch the drama when it airs by clicking here.

Check out the teasers below: