Han Ye Seul has found a new home after her exclusive contract with Key East expired back in June 2018. She decided to sign an exclusive contract with Partners Park.

Partners Park was established by the former Key East CEO Shin Hyo Jung. The two have previously worked together at Key Easy.

She signed with the agency out of mutual trust with the CEO. Other actors at Partners Park include Ku Hye Sun and Cha Joo Young.

Partners Park released a statement welcoming the actress to the agency, they said,

“We are very pleased to be with Han Ye Seul, who has a lot of talents and charms, and we’re very excited about her future activities. Based on our experiences and understanding of each other and Han Ye Sul’s passion for acting and work, we will not hesitate to give our full support to help her spread her wings.”

Its reported that the actress is currently looking through projects for her comeback in the second half of 2018.

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