Government Petition To Abolish Dispatch Reaches The 200,000 Signatures, What Now?


The infamous government petition I talked about earlier has finally reached the minimum of 200,000 Signatures of fans demanding the shutdown of news outlet Dispatch.

Why did this happen?

Dispatch had posted a couple of articles particularly invading YG Entertainment artists’ privacy and put the spotlight on them. Starting from Gdragon to Winner’s Mino and ending with actress Choi Ji Woo.

Dispatch exaggerated in some articles while spread private information in other, this led dedicated fans to write this petition in hopes of getting the government’s attention to Dispatch’s continuous privacy invasion.

The petition was started back on the 26th of June, demanding that Dispatch shut down because of mistreatment to all Kpop idols, the petition asks Dispatch to respect celebrities’ private lives, in the petition description, its stated that their privacy must be protected as the citizens of South Korea.

The petition needs to be signed 200,000 times within a month for the blue house government to respond to it.

VIPS, Inner Circle and many other fandoms of all nationalities have signed the petition to get the attention of the government. The petition became so popular that it ranked one of the most signed petitions on the government’s website.

A couple of days ago, the petition reached the 200,000 Signatures, this means that the government has to reply to it within a month with an official reply.

Fans are asking for strict measures, if abolishment is not possible, at least stricter rules should apply to Dispatch so that they wouldn’t so easily think of invading Kpop idol’s privacy.

What do you think of this? Have you signed the petition?


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