“FIFA World Cup” Announces Winning Songs To Be Played In The Stadium


After a lot of voting and anticipation, “FIFA World Cup” finally revealed which artists won the voting and what songs will be played.

Previously, BTS and EXO went up against each other along with other artists for a chance to be played at the 2018 Russia World Cup games. On Twitter, the poll garnered more than 5 million votes, EXO won by a small margin.

Later, it was revealed that BTS had also won. The group won the Instagram voting poll, today “FIFA World Cup” announced what songs will be played at the stadium. “FIFA World Cup” also conducted polls on Facebook and VK.

BTS’s “Fake Love” and EXO’s “Power” will be played in the stadium at the 2018 Russia World Cup.

Congratulations to BTS and EXO!

Who’s excited about watching the songs play in the stadium?

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